The Knoxville Performance lab is staffed by highly qualified health professionals


PAtrick Morris 

Patrick is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where he completed a degree in Kinesiology and Psychology. He previously served as the Performance Lab Director at Podium Sports Medicine before transitioning into his role at KPL. Over the last few years Patrick has worked with numerous athletes from ultra endurance runners, national level triathlon competitors and recreational enthusiasts to help them achieve their goals. He has continued to grow in the field of performance and endurance through continuing education and personal experience. Patrick is also active in his own pursuit for health & performance as an avid cyclist, mountain biker, and runner.  


Eddie reymond - owner

Eddie Reymond has been a staple in the Knoxville Health and Wellness world since opening the health shop in _____. Eddie first began the Performance Lab in 2010. Since then he has opened a second health shop and cemented his legacy in Knoxville for being an exceptional resource for all things health and wellness.


Dr. Kevin Sprouse - Co-Owner and Performance consultant

Dr. Kevin Sprouse is a Knoxville native who works with elite athletes and active individuals around the world. The focus of his academic interests and practice has been the care of the endurance athlete, as well how exercise, diet, and movement effect the health and well-being of all active individuals. You can learn more about Dr. Sprouse on his practice’s page here.


Kate Ziegler - Mental Training Expert

Kate Ziegler is a two-time Olympian, world record setter, and four-time World Champion in distance swimming who works with athletes of all levels to master their mindset for breakthrough performances. Through one-on-one coaching and custom team workshops, she utilizes training received from world class sports psychologists, mindfulness and meditation techniques, and personal experiences to help athletes manage emotions, overcome obstacles, and harness the power of their mind to achieve their best in and out of sport. Learn more and connect with Kate here.