Vo2 Max + Lactate

You can perform the VO2 and Lactate synonymously to get a better picture of your current fitness level. After the test we will sit down and discuss how to use your results as well as when to come back for a follow up test.


VO2 Max + Lactate + Sweat Testing

Tack on a sweat test to your VO2 to check on your sodium levels.


Bod Pod + Consult

This package includes 2 uses of the bod pod as well as a consult and follow up with one of the Health Shoppe’s nutrition coaches.


Recovery Suite Membership

We offer a monthly membership for our recovery suite to allow athletes easy access to each of the services offered. The Normatecs, Marc Pro, Vibrosphere and Hyperbaric chamber* can be used once daily with the membership. This service is a great value.

$35.00 a month

*Doctors Prescription required for Hyperbaric chamber