The Hub for Health & Performance


Knoxville Performance Lab was founded in 2013 as a place for anyone and everyone looking to improve their health and performance. The lab has been a pivotal factor for the transformation of hundreds of people over its tenure. From the middle age man looking to lose 30 pounds to the competitive athlete aiming to hit a Personal Record, KPL has been an integral part of the process. 

The Knoxville Performance Lab has teamed up with Podium Sports Medicine by merging their two labs. This partnership allows KPL to increase the services offered while also providing the most cutting edge testing protocols. KPL will remain at the forefront in the science of performance testing with the infusion of new equipment and protocols. 


Alongside tests that asses your physiology, KPL offers body composition testing as well as a recovery suite. There is no single step that leads to the Podium so we aim to provide a collection of services that can benefit anyone.

Fine tune your zones with a Lactate Profile

Perfect your training and fueling strategy with INSYCD

Assess your Body Composition with the Bod Pod

Recover faster in our recovery suite

Whatever level you train, compete, or live, we aim to help you take the next step.