Recovery Suite

Our recovery suite is stocked with equipment to help you get back to 100%.


Normatec compression boots

The Normatec Compression boots use a patented “pulse massage pattern” to improve recovery. The boots use a gradient compression system to boost blood flow and ideally help the lymphatic system rid the legs of unwanted metabolites. The Normatecs are excellent post exercise or on an off day.

30 Minutes - $20.00

the grand dive hyperbaric chamber

The hyperbaric chamber creates an oxygen rich environment to improve an athlete’s recovery. Sitting in the chamber helps oxygenate the blood. Hyperbaric chambers have been touted as providing a wide variety benefits.

Doctors prescription required

Single Use - $30.00

10 Uses - $ 250.00

Marc pro e-stim

The Marc Pro Plus is an Electronic Muscle Stimulation unit that can help improve your recovery by creating non-fatiguing muscle activation that can help flush waste and improve nutrient transport to the muscles being stimulated.

30 Minutes - $20.00

Single time purchase of electrodes - $10.00