Kimberly Hicks - Oceanside 70.3

First Triathlon of 2019 is now in the books!

April 6, 2019 Oceanside 70

Oceanside is a fabulous race venue.  It is by far the most beautiful bike course second only to Nelson Mandela Bay , South Africa.  I give the course, the spectators, the entire event an A + and would definitely recommend the race.  


As for my race experience and performance, I’ll give it a soft C!!  So, not my best race both physically and mentally.  I just didn’t put in the needed hours of training and so wasn’t at my peak fitnesss which became extremely evident by the time the run started. 

Swim: beach entry into 5-6 foot swells.  Yep, indeed my toughest swim start.  It was a challenge tackling the waves for the first 350 meters to the first turn buoy but then swimming became a bit more natural, my psyche improved and I was able to finish without a hitch.

Bike: Stunning, Gorgeous, oh, and VERY hilly.  Lots of rolling hills then 2 steep, long climbs.   Biking in East TN,certainly prepared me so  I had the legs to tackle the hills.  I didn’t quite have the power of last season but that was also because it was early in the season and I just hadn’t ridden outside very much. Faux Pas of the ride:  Dropped my electrolyte capsules!!!  By the last 20 miles, my shins and calves began to cramp in addition to pirifomis pain flaring up again.

Run: Started off at a steady pace to my great surprise because my muscles were still cramping. My mental attitude went to pot miles 4-7 and I did a few walk breaks. At mile 7, I finally remembered to start taking salt!  My leg cramps finally went away but I remained at an agonaly slow pace. I barreled through the rest of the run and finished absolutely ecstatic that I willed myself to finish!!  Now to just recover from a very tight and angry Piriformis Muscle.

I am hoping to rehab my glute, kick up my running speed work and keep on training.  No plans for my next race yet but hope to have a race filled summer.  

Patrick Morris