Welcome to Knoxville Performance Lab

We are excited to announce the Grand Re-Opening of Knoxville Performance Lab!

KPL and Podium Sports Medicine have combined efforts to create a single Performance Lab to serve athletes from Knoxville and beyond. We will continue to offer the same professional level of service available at Podium with the convenience of being located in Eddie’s Health Shoppe. This will make KPL your one stop shop for performance analysis and recovery.

New Services

Alongside the merger comes a variety of new services.

  • INSCYD Analysis

  • VO2max & Lactate Threshold

  • Recovery Suite

The same services previously available from KPL will also be more accessible

  • Alter-G

  • Bod Pod

  • Hyperbaric Chamber

Scheduling will be much easier with set hours as well as a direct line to schedule appointments. This can all be done through the website, no need to call the store and wait for a reply.

Team KPL

The Health Shoppe Zen Evo team has stood at the front of the pack for multi-sport teams based in the South East. KPL is excited to reinstall its sponsorship of both the Zen Evo team as well as a new team with Podium Sports Medicine. This will create new opportunities for multi sport athletes in the region as well as continue the level of support and dominance established by Team Health Shoppe Zen Evo. You can keep an eye on what the team has been up two by following the team blogs here.

KPL Blog

Last but certainly not least will be the Performance Lab Blog. We will discuss exercise physiology, sport science, performance metrics, testing and beyond. We will publish monthly posts that highlight trends in sport as well as cover foundational ideas about training and performance.

We are excited to start providing these services in a new space with lower prices than before. We hope to create a hub for performance that all athletes can benefit from.

For more information you can contact us at the link below.

Patrick Morris